Business English Intensive Immersion

Designed for the busy professional, this programme offers maximum progress in minimum time. To meet your objectives, your flexible tailor-made course will be based on a detailed needs analysis and level test. It will include:
• 30 hours individual coaching per week
• All study material for the duration of the course
• Continual assessment and End of Training Test
• End of Training Report and Recommendations
• Airport and daily school transfers where necessary

One-to-one tuition
 – 100% concentration on you and your needs
- Develop personal self-monitoring techniques
- Boost your confidence, competence and credibility
- Maximise progress

Start any Monday all year round 9.00 – 15.00 Monday to Friday. There will be no breaks, as such. Coffee (11.00) and lunch (13.00) will be part of the lesson, be it talking business or social interaction.

The exact time spent on each element or module and the exact organisation will depend on the individual level and rhythm of the client. We insist on the organic, made-to-measure nature of a one-to-one immersion.

• The programme will begin with a detailed run through the needs analysis to ascertain personal targets and oral fluency, followed by a written test to establish exact level in grammar and vocabulary, and will include:
• Presentation, drilling and practice of the tenses, with emphasis on subtleties of the present, past and future
• Business Modules, such as negotiations, presentations, reports, meetings, telephone and technical description/ processes
• Cross-cultural communication skills
• Social English
• Idioms
• Register cross-cultural implications
• Vocabulary Expansion with particular reference to the client•’s work-specific needs.
• Listening Comprehension ( tape, video & CD Rom )
• Pronunciation, Accentuation & Intonation
• Reading & Writing Skills based on the client’s professional exigencies
• Continuous assessment and End of Training Test for feedback and consolidation.


Essential grammar and professional vocabulary for exchanging information, proposing, bargaining, settling and concluding. Case study,  role play and simulated negotiations.

Client’s personal job-specific material is reviewed, edited and ultimately presented on video for self-appraisal and consolidation.Concentration on language for impact, cross-cultural aspects, involving the audience, taking/fielding questions.


Incorporates all language aspects of selection and interview preparation, including resumes, question/response techniques and negotiations, followed by a videoed authentic interview.


Introducing topics, cross-cultural factors, reports, suggestions, mini-presentations, taking minutes, clarifying and summarising and winding-up. Relevant  role play and authentic material to improve listening and speaking skills.

Writing skills
Client’s personal job-specific and company-specific material is reviewed. Writing skills are revised or presented, including appropriate grammatical points, connectors, modifiers, punctuation, register and tone. Letters, emails, presentation supports and reports are produced, analysed and edited.

Refresher Courses and Condensed Immersions
A 2-day course for advanced level clients dedicated to polishing and perfecting their professional English language skills in a programme tailored to their personal needs.

Group Alternatives

Team Building, Language Incentives, Product Launches, Corporate Meetings