English for Doctors & The Medical Profession

Medical English:

An initial placement test in General and Medical English, devised by ELTI, must be completed. Courses available  1-1 or in closed groups only. Price on request.

Course duration:
2 weeks, 35 hours per week at upper intermediate level and 1 week, 30 hours per week  at advanced level. Group Size: 6 participants maximum. Programme: Intensive Immersion in General & Medical English with particular reference to practising in Ireland. Entry Profile Language Level: Upper intermediate / advanced.

Curriculum Framework:
Grammar with particular reference to correct tense usage. For example, in history taking, a mastery of the present perfect and present perfect progressive versus the past simple would be very important. (when did, how long have you had … how long have you been feeling ) In the same context, command of the adverbs of frequency would be essential in eliciting accurate histories. (how often, seldom, rarely, once a week, twice etc) Correct usage of the modals (must, should, might etc), the conditionals, the subjunctive (you had better, its time you did etc.), the imperative, the present simple and progressive and the 3 futures is vital for accurate and safe communication with patients for history taking, diagnosis and prescribing.

History taking.
History taking by roleplay will be appraised and analysed  with our Medical Director.During the first days, a Community Language Learning (CLL) model will be us.Different cultural styles would be discussed and evaluated within an Irish context and a model most suitable to the Irish patient would be devised. We would also elicit the type of descriptive language used by presenting patients in different countries to be contrasted with the Irish model.

Tone & Register.
It is absolutely essential that foreign doctors be aware of the importance of tone and register. A series of listening exercises to determine and recognise different tones, formal versus informal register etc. would be completed.

Functional English Modules.
As part of their function, the foreign doctors will need to use the language of suggestions, conferring, appraisal, meetings, negotiating, explaining behaviour, making excuses, asking for advice etc.

Note-taking for Charts.
This module will  include precise medical terminology, acronyms, abbreviations, symbols. Sample charts would be examined.

Texts of prescribing information will be read for vocabulary expansion, pronunciation, therapeutic information etc.

Social English.

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