Politics & International Organisations

Organisation: Discussion and analysis of the organisation, the structure, the history and profile of the organisation, management culture, education.

Protocol and Cross-cultural Communication skills: Analysis of different business and administration cultures, systems of government, business etiquette, international cross-cultural communication, inhouse communication, effects of globalisation, effective communication skills including greetings, small talk, entertainment.

Planning and Decision-Making: Personal and corporate planning, making arrangements, planning projects, critical path analysis, planning to compete, planning strategy, planning for change, financial planning, budgets.

Negotiations: Essential grammar and professional vocabulary for exchanging information, proposing, bargaining, settling and concluding. Case study, roleplay, simulation and videoed authentic negotiation. Presentations: Client’s personal job-specific material is reviewed, edited and ultimately presented on video for self-appraisal and consolidation. Concentration on language for impact, cross-cultural aspects, involving the audience, taking/fielding questions.

Interviews: Incorporates all language aspects of interview preparation and videoed authentic interview.

Meetings: Modules include introducing topics, cross-cultural factors, reports, suggestions, mini-presentations, taking minutes, winding-up, clarifying and summarising etc Relevant roleplay and authentic material to improve listening and speaking skills followed by analysis and feedback.

Writing skills: Client’s personal job-specific and organisation-specific material is reviewed. Basic writing skills are revised or presented including appropriate grammatical points, connectors, modifiers, punctuation, register and tone. Letters and reports are produced, analysed and edited.