What People say

Juan Carlos Almandoz, Tasmanias, Madrid 

For the past 4 years, my three children Alvaro of 17, Teresa of 15 and Blanca of 13, have been going to Cork to learn English in a two- week intensive course. In the three cases, the experience has been extremely positive from a personal and also academic point of view. Teresa and Alvaro passed the FCE last winter and we expect Blanca will pass it. Next summer they will return to Ireland to continue learning English and enjoying for 2 weeks with the Irish people and, of course, without speaking Spanish at all. 

Alain Vernadat, Manager for France, Wolters Kluwers
A very efficient week, with a good balance between training, social activities and getting out .A nice place and very kind welcome.. I think that I have to digest this week and that it will really help me to reach my goal: to be able to answer, convince and deal in English. I hope that now I will be able to progress in the difficult but exciting thing that “learning English” is. I feel very excited looking forward to the future (very close) meeting I will have in English. A warm “Merci” for the professionalism, availability and kindness of all the ELTI team and a special thanks to Joe, Brian and Joan (hosts). 

Philippe Lefriant, Nuclear Plant Inspector, EDF France
The training planned in Kinsale has been very profitable and enjoyable. Individual courses added with a complete immersion and some social activities are very efficient in English training. They combine a personalisation of the theory and practical exercises. The great presence of the teacher, Susan Skelly has promoted exchanges; their content has improved my knowledge about Ireland. I think one week is not enough. At my departure, I felt I was only in the middle of the river! Today, I am persuaded that initial achievement requires a longer initial training. The accommodation in an Irish family has been excellent, kindness, listening, patience. Thanks for all that! It was a very good exercise of English training! Two last words, to emphasise the quality of the teaching and the quality of the tools. Best memory from a Celtic cousin. 

Marco Polo, Dealer, ABN Amro Bank, Madrid
“I have an extremely positive opinion of the two residential courses I have attended at ELTI. On both occasions, I stayed at Kilbrittain Castle. Moreover, I particularly appreciated the way the teachers fully immersed the students, providing a good balance between classes and extracurricular activities.” Mr Marco Polo followed two Intensive Training Programmes in English for International Banking and Finance. 

Caterine Leys, Lawyer, Paris
“First of all, my first contact when I arrived at Cork airport was the warm welcome of Mary. The arrival at Kilbrittain Castle was really impressive and the kindness of Tim and Sylvia made you feel at home. Apart from many great souvenirs from Ireland and regarding the training itself, I really appreciated, first of all, my teacher Carol. Each morning, I was waiting for the lesson with real impatience. Very clever, adapting her courses to my level, she managed to make me speak very easily. The exercices were different each day. The idea of watching movies each afternoon was excellent. Moreover we had a real interest in common: cooking. In other words, the training was very efficient and made by very kind and professional people, in a wonderful castle. I’ll keep in mind this training and my stay in Ireland for ever.” Catherine attended an Intensive Residential Immersion at Kilbrittain Castle

Luis Francisco de los Reyes, Back Offfice Manager, ABN AMRO, Madrid.
” I have been 2 times with ELTI (3+2 weeks) and I have to say that both have been very pleasant. I think my English has improved, many thanks to Carol and Mary, as ever, so professional. I expect to return to Kinsale soon. Regards.” Luis attended two Intensive Residential Immersions in Professional and Business English. 

Dr Klaus Burkhardt, Risk Consulting, Allianz, Germany
“If you have tried everything before without success and are totally disheartened, come to ELTI at Kilbrittain Castle and you will learn for a lifetime.” 

Berengere Corbel, International Exhibition Manager, Paris
“ELTI was for me the warmest and most convivial way of learning English, at my own rhythm, within a friendly and wonderful family, in one of the most beautiful countries where I made lasting friendships. My teachers were so brilliant that after two sessions my English improved so much that my boss is not willing to send me back each year.” Ms. Berengere Corbel, attended two training programmes at ELTI. 

Javier Rodriguez Berraondo, Director of Sales, Ericsson, Madrid, Spain
“The course was successful; the system for learning grammar and the conversation classes have increased my English level further on this, my second intensive training programme at ELTI. The classes were pleasant and my teacher was very patient. All this allowed me to gain confidence in my progress. The accommodation was excellent and the family atmosphere welcoming. My hosts, Joan and Brian, were exceptional and they allowed me every opportunity to practice my English. I hope to repeat the experience yet again.” Mr Rodriguez completed two residential programmes of two weeks’ duration in the past two years with ELTI. 

Fakroudine Akbaraly, Alcatel 
“On detached service by Alcatel, ELTI provided relevantly for my family’s need for English training and teaching. For me, it was an appropriate means of getting the basis of technical English and, for my wife, it was an excellent way to become confident in speaking with friends and local people. I am particularly astonished at the progress made by my daughter, Sarah, aged 9 years, who had never before spoken a word of English. These classes enabled her to make friends and to no longer dread going to school.” The Akbaraly family followed a 1-year long extensive training programme. 

Jorge Ferre, Corporate Lawyer. Telefonica Mobiles, Spain
“I think that this course of English has been good for me, because I learnt many more things and reviewed the basic grammar. I hope that in my next course I will be able to speak English normally. Thank you.” Jorge attended two Intensive Residential Immersions at ELTI. 

Isabella Jesseman, Polish Businesswoman resident in Ireland
“Hello, I am a Polish businesswoman who came to Ireland, determined to learn English. Unfortunately, I had had no previous English tuition. Fortunately, I found ELTI! I started from scratch. My first teacher, Mary Ahern, provided me in a very short but extremely enjoyable time with the basics of the language. At that stage Carol and John Willcox took over and taught me in rotation. It didn’t take very long to make friends with my ELTI teachers, yet their attitude has always been professional and objective. In intensive but never boring sessions they brought me to a level at which I was able to pass the First Certificate with an “A”. I could have rested on my laurels, but I am going on with my lessons, preparing for proficiency – I couldn’t miss the joy of learning at ELTI!” 

Alain Rabelle, Managing Director of Lamy Publications, Paris
“I appreciated the difference in the welcome compared to my previous holidays in the United Kingdom. The Irish are warm and much less reserved than the English and know how to quickly make you relax. Tim and Sylvia Cahill-O’Brien, proprietors of Kilbrittain Castle where I stayed, do everything to make you feel at home. They really enchanted me. The teachers have their meals with the students at the castle and encourage them to follow to the pub in the evening, where they continue to correct your mistakes in the nicest possible way. I expressed a wish to meet with members of the local press and the management of ELTI organised this for me. I was really surprised and found the meeting very interesting.” Mr Rabelle attended an intensive residential immersion at Kilbrittain Castle. 

Henri de Durat, Company Director, St. Hilaire de Loulay, France
“ELTI me demande mon opinion sur ma formation, j’ai donc essayé de comprendre pourquoi j’ai progress sans effort. Premièrement la région de Kinsale est un lieu de vacances magnifique, cette côte découpée et vallonnée, verte et bleu, me calmait. Ensuite, mes familles d’accueil (j’en ai eu trois) m’ont fait découvrir une cuisine délicieuse ; et surtout elles ont eu la patience de me parler chaque jour en acceptant mon médiocre niveau d’anglais ce qui prolongeait agréablement et efficacement mes cours. Par l’école j’ai pu avoir également une vie social locale soit avec les autres élèves soit avec des Irlandais et ainsi continuer cette immersion totale. Et enfin, j’ai eu une formation de qualité par des professeurs (j’en ai eu quatre) fin psychologues qui adaptaient et alternaient habilement leur enseignement et les exercices en fonction de ma concentration ou de ma fatigue. Ainsi ces quelques semaines de formation qui me permettent d’utiliser cette langue dans mon travail, m’ont semblé  des vacances parce que la pédagogie était motivante et l’immersion totale.” 

Serge Bilotte, Total S.A. France
I haven’t forgotten the training in Ireland. I have very good memories of the course. I enjoyed visiting Timoleague and the surrounding country side. The course was difficult for me but very interesting. The method of teaching grammar was very good and Carol is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed staying with Ann’s family and drinking Guinness in the pub. 

Michel Foussats, Head of I.S. Support Dept., Total E&P Indonesia
I would like to say that I keep an excellent souvenir from my stay in your school; (in your “School-Home”, I should say because the atmosphere was very cosy and we worked hard, but always in a good mood).I appreciated a lot the way we were taught, questions on all subjects, and after back to analyse and grammar… but not too much… Ireland is fantastic, even if you have rain and clouds.

Philippe Guibert, Training Centre Manager, Lacq Total
I really do appreciate this course, of course with my teacher Carol Wilcox, but also with my host family and with the other members of ELTI team. The three points I want to highlight are: The one-to-one course. That gives the possibility to concentrate on the weak points. There is a good split between the different activities (grammar, listening, exercises) and the tests confirm what you have to train to really get it. TIMOLEAGUE OFFICE. I was pleased that the course was not in the host family. It gave me the opportunity to have a look around the area during the travels, but also during the lunch breaks. ENVIRONMENT. The kindness of my host family, but also the advice to visit the local interesting parts of Kinsale (monuments, walks) and lastly the pleasant evenings spent in the pub. So thanks all of you. 

Marc Lacrouts, Engineer, Total S.A.
I want to say thanks after the short but intensive week passed with you during my immersion programme in March 2000. I was very anxious about having to spend 8 hours a day with the same person (including during lunch), but Carol knew what to do in order to keep my interest and avoid lassitude. The formula was to diversify the activities (grammar, vocabulary, watching and listening to video, discussion). The result has been very good and now I regret that I cannot stay in Ireland one week more, but maybe I will come back in the future for a new training. Please also thank Brian and Joan Gollins, the owners of my nicely situated guesthouse. Their kindness and welcome was in accordance with the training course’s quality. As mentioned above, I hope to come back to Ireland for a new intensive training course, and to reach a correct level in the practice of your language. Thanks for all. 

Didier Gintrand, Engineer, Total S.A.
I am writing to confirm that this kind of course (immersion) is the best way to improve English. My opinion is that this is the only way to learn a foreign language easily. In fact you speak and hear English all day long, teacher during the day and then with your guest family. I’d like to add that all the personnel are very friendly with a warm atmosphere. In addition, the school is located in a nice village, Timoleague close to Kinsale.  I really had a great and useful time with you. Unfortunately, my course was too short. (one week only) I think two weeks at least are necessary. My only hope is to get the opportunity to come back to you. 

Frantz Dubo, Engineer, Total S.A.
I discovered a new method to improve and increase my English in a fast way: The one-to-one. Intensive daily work with dialogues and discussion of varied and interesting subjects with my teacher allowed a systematic correction of my grammatical mistakes in conjugations and tenses. This was due to clear and precise explanations and the giving of reference points, (key words) making it possible to know which tense to use without ambiguity. This increased my self-confidence and quickly made it possible for me to grasp previously difficult concepts. The great patience of my teacher and her professionalism were considerable assets, as well as her availability. Having  meals together at midday, in an atmosphere of relaxation, made it possible to discuss with another teacher and another trainee.